Recreation at John Dunn Estates on Lake Delaronde

Lake Delaronde means four seasons of fun!

World renown for its spectacular fishing, Lake Delaronde offers so much more. The lake itself is clean, quiet and secluded. So if you’re looking for a peaceful and stunningly beautiful place to relax, look no further. But if you want a little more excitement, the options are plentiful:

Or you can hike, bike or horseback ride through the luxuriant boreal forests. You can camp under the stars. Or break out the ATVs and go explore.

Not too far to the east of Lake Delaronde is Prince Albert National Park. This enormous national park offers an outdoor adventure like no other. And when the temperature starts to drop, the fun starts heating up. Options include:

Lake Delaronde is part of the Trans Canada Trail, which is the world’s longest network of multi-use recreational trails. When completed in 2017, the trail will connect all of Canada: from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic Oceans, through every province and territory, linking over 1000 communities including John Dunn Estates at Lake Delaronde.

Whether you want an action packed day pushing your physical limits or a relaxing afternoon or a little bit of both, Lake Delaronde is the place to be. With recreational options aplenty, there’s one thing you’ll never experience at Lake Delaronde: boredom.